New Frequency's mission is to provide customizable multi-industry solutions for the collection of data in real time from remote assets and the transformation of such data into useable and actionable information accessible over the web. We do this by connecting remote wireless devices with an application database running both browser and mobile based software. New Frequency’s solutions are affordable, reliable and meet the growing need for more real time situational and change in state awareness within any industry.   Learn More

Change of State Solutions

We're experts at developing remote wireless technology that can report on any change of state, from a simple open or close state, through temperature, humidity, water level, water flow, vibration changes, motion and many others. We combine our customized remote monitoring solutions with state of the art backend, browser, and mobile based applications to provide our customers with actionable information enabling a more rapid response and avoiding unnecessary human intervention when conditions are stable.

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Patented Success

New Frequency's award winning and recently patented Trap-Alert® solution is the leading wireless remote change of state device in the wildlife industry. Trap-Alert® allows operators to have instant awareness of their trapping jobs, with current state, GPS information, and instant 24x7 rapid email and text notification for condition changes, open/close or the sensing of activity.

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Data Collection Services

We’re experts at installing and implementing data recording and metering hardware. Our flexible data collection methods mean you can be assured your most remote and protected assets can be accessed reliably and securely. Our motto: If you can meter it, we can measure it!

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