New Frequency Launches Trap-Alert™ System Version 4.0 at NWCOA Annual Convention

May 11, 2015

New Frequency Inc. launches the Trap-Alert™ system Version 4.0 at NWCOA’s Annual Convention and receives rave reviews. Attendees and early adopters of the Trap-Alert™ system indicated that the product will revolutionize the way the wildlife control industry monitors and manages its remote traps by making trapping more efficient, profitable and customer friendly.

The Trap-Alert™ system is a combination of hardware, software, GPS and wireless technologies that enables animal trappers to actively monitor the status and location of animal traps through a web-based application. The Trap-Alert™ system, which includes the Trap-Alert ™ system web application, significantly increases the efficiency of managing a large number of traps. The need for field personnel to visit sites solely for the purpose of daily trap inspection is eliminated, saving both time and fuel costs as well as increasing customer satisfaction. Conference attendees were impressed by the device’s flexibility, usability and low cost compared to the overall savings the system generates, resulting in a phenomenal return on investment.

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