Power Alert is a cost effective way to monitor critical loss of power

  • Power-Alert device automatically reports outages and restorations (power on/power off) in real-time via a major carrier wireless network back to the Power-Alert Application Database.

  • No customer action required. Customers do not need to be on premise to report an outage — Power-Alert turns a facility into a real-time automatic reporting intelligent node on the utility system.

  • The device reports instantly, connecting to cell towers before usage becomes heavier as outages progress.

  • Device has a retry algorithm that will keep attempting to connect on data and SMS networks that is programmable.

  • System’s 2-way communication capability (critical facilities ↔ Utility) enhances customer experience (e.g., ETR, progress reports, other advisories and guidance).

  • The Power-Alert solution allows for user defined data analysis, which means outages that are grouped together are flagged and reported.

  • If you are a small, medium or large business whose success depends on real-time situational awareness of multiple key data metrics, Power Alert can also monitor and alarm you on any of your other defined critical data points such as temperature, humidity, and many more.