Trap-Alert® Version 4

The Trap Alert® system is a combination of wireless sensing hardware, GPS technology coupled with a browser and mobile based application that enables wildlife control operators to actively monitor the status and location of any animal trap through a 24x7x365 software as a service system. The Trap Alert® system significantly reduces the cost and maximizes the efficiency of managing a large number of traps.

The need for field personnel to visit sites solely for the purpose of daily trap inspection is eliminated, saving you time and fuel costs.

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Power-Alert ™

The Power-Alert Outage Notification System is a self-contained wireless solid state device that instantaneously reports its change of state along with GPS location to a centralized application database.
Power-Alert provides real-time awareness of facilities current power conditions (on or off) through its end-to-end devices and application software solution.


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Remote Equipment Control

New Frequency has an established nationwide private wireless network for the remote activation and control of heavy equipment including generators, automatic transfer switches, and building management systems. This solution is sophisticated and capable of starting up a generator for a warm up cycle, reduce the location’s power load, then transfer the load when appropriate, minimizing the chances for failure at the ATS and allowing automated participation in energy curtailment operations. Reverse procedures reduce the location’s impact on local power when transferring back to the power grid.

This system’s capabilities are not limited to energy management alone and can be employed to control almost any remote equipment, even equipment that relies on simple relays and i/o boards to operate.

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Data Collection Services

Whether it’s energy data, water consumption, gas usage, equipment vibration, trending changes in temperature, humidity or any other key metric, that needs to be logged and transmitted in order to then analyze and alarm against, New Frequency has capabilities to first select and then install its customized data acquisition systems to capture interval data.

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Event Alarms and Notices

New Frequency’s multi-modal notification system provides a high volume multi-threaded solution capable of dispatching thousands of points of communication within minutes via automated email, text and phone notifications, triggered by a change of state such as demand, price or temperature threshold alarms, demand response activations for power grid reliability, and other customizable parameters.