Remote Controls

Remote Equipment Activation Overview:

  • Security – The system utilizes a private wireless network only accessible by New Frequency with no path to the public cloud. Since no customer Telephone/LAN/WAN or internet services are involved, all controls are secure from outside hacking or tampering.

  • Reliability – With no customer provided connectivity, multiple points of failure are removed, increasing overall system reliability. Direct feedback from equipment allows New Frequency to monitor response and adjust accordingly.

  • Low to No Customer Interaction When Complete – Initial concerns had been that staff would need to manually shed chillers and other equipment before transfer could take place. The installed system handles these concerns ensuring a smooth transition that is also timely.

  • Ease of installation – Although a licensed electrician is necessary for this type of installation, a disruption of power and services was avoided.

Off the shelf products without custom programming, would have fallen short on most of these goals, especially the secure communications portion and staged interactions with equipment. Our solution however exceeded the goals and expectations providing an automated package that needs no location-based staff to interact or respond when an emergency or alarm condition arises.