energy dashboards and energy analytics

Data Analytics and Dashboards

Are you looking for a flexible web-enabled software Platform and Dashboard solution that can manage mission critical data in near real-time from multiple data sources and file formats, normalize it, and make it visible and actionable for you on demand?

Currently New Frequency is doing just that across multiple industry sectors. Several New Frequency customers are companies who are managing a portfolio of commercial and industrial energy consumers that require real-time operational intelligence, analytics capabilities, and greater visibility and situational awareness of key metrics in order to more effectively manage business performance and improve their bottom lines. Many of these entities are constrained by old legacy systems and manual processes and are challenged by the need to leverage new technology and fully transition to more real-time automated data analytics processes and dashboard visualization. Other smaller companies require their water usage to monitoring daily in order to maintain compliance with state agency diversion permits. Whether large or small, New Frequency has customized solutions that can gather the data from 1 location or 100s of locations and provide our customers real-time access to it in order to create efficiencies from having access to real-time events as they occur.