field data gathering

Wildlife and Pest Control

Having been the first to market in the United States with the most widely used and recognized professional wildlife control remote monitoring system, New Frequency is well out in front of the competition with our technology and new product development road map. New Frequency not only developed the most effective and reliable solution in the industry, it has been working closely with state agencies in developing the rules and setting the standards for agencies to allow this technology.

Trap-Alert® is specifically cited in the State of Georgia DNR enforcement code change allowing for Georgia wildlife control operators to officially replace a visual inspection with the Trap-Alert® solution. New Frequency and its customers were also responsible for achieving rule changes in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Oklahoma and many other states who are following their neighbors in making this technology the preferred means to conduct trap checks.

New Frequency’s new development efforts are not conducted in a vacuum — regulators, stakeholders, industry leaders, and professionals are always part of our development process. To find out more about Trap-Alert and the latest version 5.0 go to our products page on the website.