Multi-Trap Monitoring

The Trap‑Alert® unit (U.S.Patent 9,015,987) can be retrofitted to your existing cage inventory and is capable of monitoring up to 4 traps on a single unit; signaling when and where an animal is caught. Currently there are sensors kits for over 15 different trap set types. The Trap-Alert® sensor designs include magnetic read switches, pressure reading, cat hair whisker, and motion detection.


























GPS Location Mapping

The Trap-Alert® system provides a real time web-based mapping tool showing the location of each Trap Alert® unit resulting in greater efficiency, accuracy, and certainty in routing field personnel to jobs where animals have been trapped.

Alerts and Event Notification

By the use of wireless communication and a robust application database, the Trap Alert® system’s notification tool will notify your technician and/or field personnel on the location and time of catch in real time via e-mail to any e-mail addressable mobile device including PCs, cell phones, and PDAs. The Trap Alert® system allows for notifications to you and your customer so that everyone can be aware of when an animal is caught thereby assisting in the removal process. The Trap Alert® system allows users to program blackout times in which messages will be placed into a queue for delivery, eliminating messages being sent during the middle of the night to you and your customers. The Trap-Alert system through its patent protected system is the only system that programmatically alerts its users using a sleep and alert methodology. It will alert for all positive and negative issues, whether it’s a signal loss, a low battery, an unplugged sensor, damage caused by an animal, the Trap-Alert® system will alarm its users. No other system can match this level of reporting and this is why Trap-Alert® is the only system that both Federal and State governments use and are accepting to replace visual inspections.

Rechargeable Battery

The Trap Alert® system 24/7 monitoring unit makes efficient use of its built-in battery power to ensure a 45-60 day run-time per battery charge. If your customers require longer deployments simply use our low cost solar charging station to have your system charged around the clock. The system allows our users to receive alarms and track your battery charge status on both our browser and mobile based application.

Trap Status Management

The Trap Alert® system’s browser and mobile administrative tools also provide everything a customer could need from activity logs for every unit such as customer activity logs and the ability to track how many animals were caught, aiding in regulatory compliance reporting. Our user friendly color coded icons show the status of each trap, and its location. Signal strength, battery level, units that failed to report in are logged in the database for easy reporting and alarming for each condition.

Why The Trap‑Alert® system?

Lower Costs/Increase Profits

  • Time savings allows for expanding sales volume and territory.

  • Increases profit for service while decreasing cost to manage traps.

  • Compatible with existing traps – no need for new traps!

  • Allows your company to operate more competitively through its technological advantages.

  • The Trap‑Alert® system pays for itself in as little as one job per month over a year!

  • Maximizes use of work force by reducing site visits to only those with trapped animals resulting in more efficient scheduling and routing of field personnel.

  • Reduces time, wasted labor, and resources, including mileage and fuel charges on service vehicles.

  • Added protection against regulatory compliance fines.

  • Constant product evolution to stay ahead of the pack

  • Best customer service team in the industry

Improve Customer Service

  • No more installed and forgotten traps.

  • Allows you to advertise “Best Practices” for the capture and quick removal of animals.

  • Reduces customer inconvenience.

  • End customer notification system allows customer to feel involved and informed

  • Provides a clear competitive advantage